Our Passion for Life
Our passion is to contribute to the wellness of people by improving the quality of life. 

PHARMARIS is a product of the strategic vision of North America’s and South America’s investors. Our commercial operations began in Peru in 2009 and it expanded to Chile in 2014. Subsequently to Colombia, Canada, Paraguay, Bolivia, Ecuador, Mexico and Venezuela.

We are part of a group of companies that have revenues of more than 100 million US dollars. More than 325 employees in working in these groups of companies at several commercial operations levels viz., hospital businesses, wholesalers, retailers and online commerce.

We are a professional team with extensive experience in several segments of the healthcare industry. We strive to offer innovative therapeutic solutions at high standard quality to give life to health.

We have strategic partners renowned globally who are committed to the highest quality standards for pharma products. These companies are accredited with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) compliance status issued by various global regulatory agencies.

Vision & Mission

“Leader in America giving health to life”.

Our passion is to contribute to the wellness of people by improving the quality of life. We are committed to provide innovative and high-quality therapeutic solutions to reach people in all our operational territories, and possibly to expand globally.

Our Business Divisions


PHARMARIS serves the high complexity needs at health care institutions such as hospitals and care centres.

Medical Specialty

PHARMARIS seeks to satisfy the therapeutic needs of healthcare professionals.

Prevention & Wellness

PHARMARIS has core focus on developing products for the well-being of people through prevention.

Diagnostics & Innovation

PHARMARIS seeks to offer specialized and innovative solutions for detection and diagnosis.

How to report a possible side effect?

PHARMARIS cares about the safety of its patients and applies Pharmacovigilance to monitor the adverse event that may occur with any of its products.

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